Psychedelic Therapy

An inner journey, whether through breath work, meditation, yoga of the usage of psychedelics can be life changing. 

To see past your fears through to your dreams is a gift through which your can change your life for the better. Change takes time, energy and courage. 

However, daily life easily takes over again and lessons learned can be forgotten. This is why it is important to set clear intentions and prepare well for your insights to find a good place in your life.

Plan 3 sessions with me:

Session 1: Set your intention.

Session 2: Tell me about your journey and insights. Draw, paint or write it down and read it to me. Dive into the meaning (for you).

Session 3: One month later. How did your insights help you change your life, if only in small steps, for the better.

Read more here about preparation and integration.

Know your way out

Short Booster Therapy

Sometimes it is easy to lose your stride a little bit. Maybe it is not that hard to get back on track - together with your Gestalt coach in one to maximum three sessions!

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Plaatje van een vrouw die je meeneemt

Individual Gestalttherapy

I will explore with you how to bring your passions and dreams to the here and now, where you can make decisions to change your life to reflect your true self and become more happy and energetic. 

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Preventative Relationship Therapy

Often we go in relationship therapy as a last resort. Why not come together and build strong foundations, learn how to communicate well and honestly and create a happy fulfilling relationship, together. 

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Plan our first session!

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