Sälsriset; our little Swedish dream house

We have become proud owners of a little 'Stuga'', an original Swedish farmers summer cabin. It lies in the middle of the beautiful wild Swedish nature. The little cabin is not only for our own adventures, it is also for rent.

The woods are wild and beautiful. You eat blueberries on your walks. There are hiker paths. First you can visit the lake on 200 meters from the cabin, where you can swim, fish, but also drink the water, without filtering it. You will see moose and fox tracks all around your house. But the woods are so vast that you really don't have to run into the wild animals, or better said, they don't have to run into you. Not for our lack of looking!

The nearest town and store is at about a 40 minute drive, but there you can buy all you need for a lovely quiet stay at Sälsriset.

If you want to know more about this stuga or maybe rent it, send us an email

Warm regards,

Marck & Marcella