Gestalttherapy is an alternative vorm of psychotherapy

Gestalt is a form of therapy where the therapist is looking at your patterns in the here and now. I feel how you relate to me, I listen to how you speak, and look at how you withhold or give in contact. 

In Gestalt we believe that we sometimes get in the way of our own happiness by blocking our spontaneous expression based on pain from the past and or fears for the future. 

By bringing your awareness to your sensations, in contact with me, you will become more conscious of decisions you make and want to make.

When you come to me you might be ruminating, experiencing loss of energy, missing life goals, lacking self respect and or self love, experiencing tensions, physical and emotional or just wanting to live a happier life. 

Together we will look at how you live your life now in context with your surroundings (friends, love, passions, work, thoughts).

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Know your way out

Short Booster Therapy

Sometimes it is easy to lose your stride a little bit. Maybe it is not that hard to get back on track - together with your Gestalt coach in one to maximum three sessions!

Preventative Relationship Therapy

Often we go in relationship therapy as a last resort. Why not come together and build strong foundations, learn how to communicate well and honestly and create a happy fulfilling relationship, together. 

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