Preventative relationship therapy

When your love is new, all is easy. You like and love everything about each other and oh, the littles things are endearing. Both are looking for similarities in stead of for differences.

When all stays good a period of more calm will begin. Perhaps a little less sex, more companionship and sometimes a good fight. Your differences become more clear. This is a great time to open up communication more to be sure you can talk about everything. Now the love is strong and you are both very willing to listen to the other. 

Come to 1 to maximum 3 sessions together to discuss together: what do you love in the other person, what in the other is more challenging to you. What do you need from the other person. What liberties, how much proximity, how much time together and apart, how do you see your life together. In the safe environment of my practice we together make sure that there is room to discuss everything and create a strong basis for a good life together where you makes sure you can face the hard times together as a team. 

Session 1: Each individual needs and your relationship until now, your shared dream for your future (living together or apart, where, work, vacations)

Session 2: Rules for communication; honesty, fighting. Practice. What do you find hard in the other person with respect for each others differences.

Session 3: Your fears, hopes and dreams for individual development for a full life.

Come together, to stay together as individuals in a loving relationship.

Know your way out

Short Booster Therapy

Sometimes it is easy to lose your stride a little bit. Maybe it is not that hard to get back on track - together with your Gestalt coach in one to maximum three sessions!

Plaatje van een vrouw die je meeneemt

Individual Gestalttherapy

I will explore with you how to bring your passions and dreams to the here and now, where you can make decisions to change your life to reflect your true self and become more happy and energetic. 

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