Believe your own dreams, create your reality.

Door Marcella Petrarca,

Is it possible?

I started with training my awareness in 2002, when I began my Gestalt therapist studies. I have spent many hours since then on my yoga mat, meditating, often training awareness all days through. However, I always kept forgetting my lessons, completely getting swept away by life's adventures, work, love, friends, funerals, and parties. Luckily I always find my way back to the here and now, sometimes faster, sometimes really slow. 

This last year I decided to simplify my life. I was tired of always working so hard. What for, really?  I left the company I built myself behind me and found a cool job with fun colleagues and worked for only 4 days a week. Then Corona hit and suddenly I was working from home, spending most days alone, the only person I saw was my man. Quite confronting. That much time with me. 

He and I loved the peace that came with the pandemic, and it fired up our quest to now really start looking for a place of our own in nature. We visited Germany the day the borders opened, had our first beer on a terrace this year and stayed the night in a tiny old unchanged DDR cabin in the woods, where time had stood still. The trees bowed over the little dark house and we didn't feel that this would be the place for us. No, we would start looking in Basque Country, where there is real wild life. We would take years to find a place we would fall in love with, at the same time having a fun goal in every road trip we would make. 

Then seemingly out of nowhere a little red cabin in Mid Sweden appeared online, for sale for a doable amount of money. A piece of land in the middle of nature, beer, wolf and moose country, a 16 hour drive away. Utterly the other direction from Spain. Neither of us ever been to Scandinavia, not being able to visit now because of the code orange in Sweden to feel the little house out, we had very little time to decide. There were other people before us desperate to buy this dream. Yet they weren't so crazy to buy without seeing it first. So we made a move. First come, first go. We put down a downpayment. It was ours. 

No. It ís ours. 

We will visit our little red cabin, Nestli, in 5 weeks. We drive up there in my camper with our two dogs. 

I have many moments every day now when it hits me. Ever since I lived in New England 20 years ago, where we used to hike the Appalachian Mountains every fall, I dreamt of having access to real nature. The kind that our overcrowded and hyper manicured country just doesn't have. But I never thought I would be able to make it happen. Money wise. The right partner by my side with a similar dream. The right moment. 

So I ignored that dream. Almost completely. Until opportunity knocked on our door and I recognized that dream like it was an old friend. 

And now I look closer to my mind. We create our own world with our thoughts. That today seems more true than ever. If you don't know yourself, your longings and dreams, how can you ever fulfil them?

I will write more here, about my coming adventures